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Sustainability & Climate Action

Amazon on Fire

A dystopian future urging you to take action now

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Amazon on FireSustainability and Climate action, deforestation


Sustainability and Climate action, deforestation

An unstoppable burning in the Amazon has made the world uninhabitable in 2030. American continent is covered by a large gray cloud and humanity hangs by a thread.

To avoid this scene, a young girl called Jazmin Mendes came from the future to chat with you. And you need to take action in the present (2021) to save Amazon from its daunting future.

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Languages & Countries

  • PortugueseBrazil | Original
  • SpanishColombia | Original

The story behind the story

During research phase, Talk2U interviewed 12 experts and specialists in themes related to Amazon and climate change from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia and the UK.

After that, we run a co-creation chatbot named MovTalkers and engaged with young people to receive insights and understand their point of view on the topic and barriers to make change happen around consumption habits.

Young leaders that are heading environmental movements were added to the team and more than 40 activists and foundations from Latin America collaborated with the project.

In collaboration with

  • National Geographic
  • Climate and Land Use Alliance

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Goals & Results


Main goal

Climate change is an issue that can’t be postponed. We need to start a massive conversation with adolescents right now, focusing in posibles changes that can save our planet and ourselves.

Specific goals

  1. 01
    Promote activist cells among adolescents.

  2. 02
    Connect the cause with other social agendas.

  3. 03
    Encourage the reduction of red meat consumption and facilitate this alimentary transition.

  4. 04
    Stimulate a shift in adolescent’s perspectives and attitudes towards sustainability.
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