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Shame-freeHealth and well being, sex education


Health and well being, sex education

In a society where sex is a big taboo, young Li breaks the silence to tell the story of her friend Ge.

Between humorous revelations from her own adolescence and her friend’s anecdote, this chat opens the curtain to proper sex education.



Languages & Countries

  • EnglishSoutheast Asia | Original
  • ChineseChina | Adaptation

The story behind the story

Shame-Free is a story inspired by a personal experience from a Chinese intern at Talk2U. Yuzhe had met a friend chatting online and then found out that this girl had been a victim of assault by her uncle when she was younger.

Due to her lack of knowledge on the topic and specifically about consent, she didn’t even let her understand that what was happening to her was wrong. Yuzhe created offline workshops at her school which provider teens with self defense classes in case they were faced with a similar situation.

During her internship, we set ourselves to the challenge of developing a similar experience that could scale. And with the help of Chinese sex education expert, composer and writer Wang Xiaobin, we made culturally adapted the story to 2 different languages.

Fun fact: The story was created using the oriental narrative structure Kishotenketsu and all human images presented on the chat were generated by AI.

Do you want to scale this project in another language or launch it in your country or organization?

Goals & Results


Main goal

Conservatives societies has one thing in common: is that it is hard to discuss sex education. The purpose of Shame-Free is to encourage adolescents to talk about it openly, to prevent them from making decisions that could affect their health and well-being.

Specific goals

  1. 01
    Deliver straight forward and valuable information regarding sex.

  2. 02
    Promote positive behaviors around consent, menstruation, masturbation and intercourse.

  3. 03
    Stimulate safety during sexual relations among adolescents.
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