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Hate Speech Project backed by UNICEF Venture Fund

For the past 12 months, we have worked on a project that addresses the mitigation of the impact of hate speech on victims and bystanders by providing digital micro-interventions that help them be prepared to face this growing tendency online. Target audience are young brazilians from 18 to 24 years old, the content will be distributed in Portuguese.

We introduce the topic with a powerful journey "Como Se Eu Fosse" to raise awareness about the topic and how it impacts people, and then we educate and guide them on proper behaviors to help prevent its expansion and protective actions to combat perpetrators in a healthy and productive way

Talk2U is the owner of the Hate Speech Journey and, as we have agreed with our collaborators, parts of it will be licensed as Open Content for more organizations to kickoff this journey in their communities. The content package with its corresponding licenses includes:

  • Research Tools:

    a survey model to extract target audience insights around the topic and a behavior map framework we used with real case example of how we designed the experience for you to replicate and adapt according to your community and target audience.

    Download Research Tools content
  • Journey:

    the original script, all the audiovisual assets to make the experience more engaging and the AI training and testing sets we used to train and assess our AI performance.

    Download Journey content
  • Chat Interventions

    we have created a journey with 3 interventions that guide participants to choose strategic silence in order to prevent the growth of the algorithm, take a pause to process feelings of rage, sadness or frustration to be able to make a strategic decision and the delivery of technical coping mechanisms on how to protect themselves. All scripts include indicators that can be asked at the beginning and at the end of the intervention to measure impact, as well as the original script, audiovisual assets and complementary scripts to integrate the experience. In the Strategic Silence case, we also included a AI training and testing set too.

    Download Chat Interventions content
  • Platform Flows:

    get all the platform flows to upload directly on your rapidPro (Open Source) compatible platform or similar that can support .json file integration. Basically, they are the "code" version of our scripts for the complete experience.

    Download Platform Flows content
  • Privacy Policy:

    a draft model to use as a base for the whole experience where you just need to fill in with your organization data, and modify if needed the data points you will collecting, the purpose and how you process, store and manage personal information.

    Download Privacy Policy content

As Complementary components you will find:

  • Expert Interviews

    this includes the transcripts of 5 interviews with experts on online safety and/or youth wellbeing

    Download Expert Interviews content
  • Pilot Research Data Set:

    we are also including the data set we extracted from the Pilot Research we launched to assess performance. It can assist you on creating your own data points and research to evaluate impact. Datapoints from this data set are included in flows

    Download Pilot Data Set content
  • Power BI Connector:

    we have also worked together with Weni Platform on an Open Source connector to integrate your data to Microsoft Power BI in order to create a dashboard to follow up on your project metrics. In this bundle, you will also find 2 webinar recordings with instructions on how to use the Power BI connector and how to start building your dashboard.

    Download Power BI Connector content

If you have further questions, please send us an email to

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